Michaela Harte sunday mauritian newspaper
July 16, 2012 | by MauritiusNews
Michaela Harte crime scene photos published in a Mauritian newspaper on Sunday
Michaela Harte sunday mauritian newspaper

Sunday Times used crime scene photographs of the hotel room where Mrs McAreavey was killed

Mauritian newspaper Sunday Times published 12 black and white pictures, including one on its front page of Mrs Michaela McAreavey shortly after she was strangled to death on her honeymoon on January 10 last year. Inside, the paper carried other close-up photographs of her injuries and the bath at the luxury Legends Hotel where her body was found by her new husband, John McAreavey. On the front page there is a photograph of Mrs McAreavey taken after her death – under the headline “Exclusive”.

The Irish government has said the publication represented “a gross affront to human dignity” and said it would complain “in the strongest possible terms” to its Mauritian counterpart.

The publication follows the sensational acquittal on Thursday of two hotel workers who were accused of murdering the daughter of celebrated Tyrone Gaelic football manager Mickey Harte and dumping her body in the bath to wash off their fingerprints.

The prosecution alleged during the eight-week trial, attended by John McAreavey and his family, that Avinash Treebhoowoon and Sandip Moneea acted to stop the 27-year-old teacher and former beauty queen reporting them after she returned to her room to find them rifling through her purse.

The family of murdered honeymooner Michaela McAreavey has labelled the publication of crime scene photographs of her body as reprehensible.

A statement by members of the couple’s family said: “As the families struggle to come to terms with the result from the trial, this reprehensible and repugnant action by this newspaper is not only insensitive to their grief but it marks another low in the treatment of John, the two families and the dignity of Michaela.”

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore said the Irish Ambassador to Mauritius Brendan McMahon, is currently in Ireland, and he will meet him this morning to discuss this matter and agree “how to bring our concerns to the attention of the authorities in Mauritius at the highest levels and in the most effective way possible”.

Dick Ng Sui Wa, the Mauritian lawyer for John McAreavey said he will take up the issue with the country’s Director of Public Prosecutions and commissioner of police. He called for an inquiry into how the newspaper got hold of them.

Former hotel cleaners Avinash Treebhoowoon (32) and Sandip Moneea (43), who were unanimously acquitted on Thursday of the murder, are due to speak at a press conference today.


  1. [...] editor of a Mauritian newspaper has been arrested after publishing photographs from the crime scene where Michaela McAreavey was found [...]

  2. David McGinnity says:


    John McAreavey has not been eliminated as a suspect for Michaela’s murder from a legal and forensic point of view and there may be another story to reveal after everyone has told the truth and not spent time destroying and supressing vital evidence.

    A crime of passion has not been ruled out and the Mauritian Sunday Times close-up photographs may indicate that the wounds are consistent with accidental strangulation, as was proposed in court and it is for this reason that there is so much fuss about the photographs. There may not have been a murder at all. But hopefully all this will now be re-investigated by Scotland Yard who will not be hoodwinked with sentimental, religious or pseudo-nationalistic platitudes.

    The antics of Mr McGuinness are unethical and unwise, and he clearly emotionally involved in this case because he is a close friend of both families and he is not being objective and clear headed. As I understand it, a senior political figure is obliged to give equal measure to the concerns of all constituents and all citizens’.

    Mr McGuinness is not a lawyer, or to the best of my knowledge he is not a graduate in a serious academic discipline. Regardless of what Mr. McGuinness says, The Mauritian legislature and the Mauritian Supreme Court are not fools, and the belligerent, hostile, and racist Mauritius does not enhance the integrity, dignity and objectivity in the field if jurisprudence in the State of Ireland.

    What if there was no murder, but an accidental death during advanced love play, as was suggested in the Mauritian court, and that prospect has been not ruled out. Because of their inexperience in such things the couple did not pay sufficient attention to accepted rules about stopping at any time, and then everything went wrong.

    What if Michaela panicked and struggled and furiously attempted to pull the cable from around her neck and in doing so caused self-strangulation. This is a possible and feasible explanation, and there were no other persons involved. It has been purported (maybe rumor) that close-up photographs might give backing (be evidence) to this point of view, hence the horrible treatment of Mr. Imran Hosany, the Editor Mauritian Sunday Times, which is a disgrace!! What he has done may be unsavoury, but it was not illegal for him to do this, and more thumped-up charges in Mauritius are bound to backfire and cause even more distress the: The Harte and McAreavey families.

    It is possible that immediately after Michaela’s death; John McAreavey tried to clear up the mess but in his panic made an even bigger mess. In his panic, he telephoned his father Brendan McAreavey in Northern Ireland who then telephoned his brother Bishop John McAreavey, who in turn phoned the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.
    From then on, The Vatican took charge of this case because of its bizarre sexual connotations and generalized pathological attitude to sex and sexuality.

    It is feasible that Bishop Maurice Piat, Coadjutor Bishop of Port-Louis Mauritius was contacted by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone who in in turn may have contacted the Mauritian Senior Police to arrange an elaborate cover-up without the knowledge of the Mauritian Prime Minister.
    The Secretary of State in the Vatican has a very long reach and a very large purse. (And there’s the rub, and there may be the answer).

    David B McGinnity
    LS25 7LY UK

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