July 22, 2012 | by MauritiusNews
Michaela Harte photos case – Editor of Mauritian Sunday Times bailed

michaela-harte-sunday-times-photoThe editor of Sunday Times, Imran Hosany (left in photo), was released Friday, July 20 after paying a bail of Rs 25,000 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 125,000. The police accused him of publishing photos of the remains of Michaela Harte in the Sunday edition of July 15 of this weekly.

He was arrested Wednesday, July 18 following the publication of photographs of the corpse of Michaela Harte in the Sunday, July 15 edition of his newspaper and was prosecuted under a provisional charge of contempt of the moral and religious. When questioned by detectives of the Central Criminal Investigation Division (CCID), Imran Hosany kept silent by refusing his right to reveal the source who gave the controversial photographs in its drafting and was defended by Akil Bissessur.

The editor of the Sunday Times spent Thursday night in police custody and appeared before the court the following morning. Feeling unwell, he was rushed to the hospital Dr A. G. Jeetoo, Port-Louis. Akil Bissessur presented the medical report of his customer that his health is “worrying”.

Imran Hosany was also questioned following a deposition recorded by an Irish photographer who says he was manhandled by the editor. The incident occurred while the reporter wanted to take Imran Hosany photographed at his home on the evening of Tuesday, July 17.

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